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KSOP SA: Mystery Monster KO 6-Max Bubble Bursts in 5 Seconds

KSOP GGPoker SA: The mysterious monster KO 6-Max b...

The KSOP GGPoker South American Mystery Monster KO 6-Max bubble burst in a strange way on Tuesday afternoon: with two eliminations remaining before the tournament’s prize pool began, a total of five all-in/call situations were announced for the lowest The chip count is eliminated.

Tomas Schulz (Campinas-SP), Luiz Paulo Bastos (Belo Horizonte-MG), Caio Cezar (Rio de Janeiro-RJ), Walter Allassia (Argentina) and Nikolai Tulin (Russia) )) were eliminated from the competition together, which means that there are already three eliminated players in the prize pool. Since the first prize was approximately R$ 4,000, the five agreed to split the three prizes equally, saving R$ 2,400 each.

Another important point is that the three eliminations in ITM depend on the format of the game, the three eliminations represent the bounties to be drawn from the mysterious envelopes. Once again there was a tie – this time between the five players who went all-in for elimination. The envelopes drawn were worth R$10,000, R$2,500 and R$1,000 respectively, with each eliminated player guaranteed to receive R$2,700.

Mystery Monster KO 6-Max saw a total of 1,021 entrants, exceeding the R$3,000,000 guaranteed deposit pledged to attend the event. In addition to the mysterious bounty envelope, the regular prize pool includes 119 players, with the winner taking home R$300,000 – plus, of course, the knockout prizes they take home.

KSOP GGPoker SA: The mysterious monster KO 6-Max b...

KSOP SA: Fernando Valverde thrills with triple all-in win

KSOP GGPoker SA: Fernando Valverde Emotionally Win...

Day 2 of the Main Event took center stage at the South American KSOP GGPoker on Saturday, with more than 700 players already in attendance. As the game progresses, this number decreases and the survivors get closer to financial reward. Fernando Valverde was one of the standout performers.

The Samba Poker Team pro won a huge pot on the last hand before the first break of the day and ended up with over 100 blinds in the tournament. The blinds for this hand are 1,000/2,500 and there are initially four players. Valverde raised to 5,000 chips, which were paid by three other players, including the big blind.

The flop showed Samba Pro c-betting to 6,500. His first opponent paid, but the second opponent decided to raise the price. With less than 38,000 chips, his second opponent called and folded the big blind. The action returned to Fernando, who decided to call. However, the player who flattened the C-bet also decided to go all-in.

With a total of 101,500 chips, Valverde called again and set up a triple all-in for 264,000 with the chip right in the middle. At the showdown, everyone took sides. Fernando is in the best situation when he has three bets on his table. The player with the shortest stack held , holding top pair, while the last opponent held , holding a flush draw.

Valverde was very picky and took a scary turn with an opening at the table to finish it off by flushing his opponent with more chips. The deck was filled with emotion before it was brought back. Someone changed the order again on the river, giving Fernando a full house, who beat both players and sealed the pot with over 100 blinds.

“One day our victory will definitely come,” he celebrated the player, who took some time off during the break to continue building his new chip, which is now huge. “One Time” succeeded.

KSOP GGPoker SA: Fernando Valverde Emotionally Win...

Edson Tsutsumi confirmed to attend KSOP GGPoker Ultra HR

Winner of Brazilian Poker's Historic Award Edson T...

The KSOP GGPoker South American Super High Roller will feature some of the biggest poker stars in the world and Brazil, who are willing to spend R$100,000 on buy-ins, so the tournament will bring real money luck to the champions. Tour organizers continue to announce confirmed entrants for this historic event. The latest name is Edson Tsutsumi.

The star is one of the main players of PokerLAB, a team that usually participates in many special events on KSOP GGPoker and made history in the 2023 Senior Event with Marcelo Augusto of Goiás, Won the main event.

Tsutsumi is the owner of the second-largest cash prize in Brazilian poker history, finishing second in the 2021 WSOP Online Main Event and taking home a generous reward of $1,907,034 .

The star also appeared in live tournaments to win achieved outstanding results. Examples include the 2019 WSOPC Uruguay, the 2022 KSOP GGPoker Special 2022 elimination round, and the high roller final table. Ederson will be competing against some great players in the Super High Roller and has a very strong team behind him.

Some names that have been confirmed are as follows: Ariel Bahia, Dan Cates, Lucio Lima, Alex Livingston, Rafael Mota, Léo Rizzo, Leandro Zavodini, Felipe Mojave, Felipe Boianovsky, Alan Maurício, Scott Ball, Damian Salas, Johannes Toebbe, Paulo Joanello, Pedro Neves, Rafael Reis and others.

The competition lasts from January 27th to 29th. However, the South American leg of KSOP GGPoker will begin on the 24th and will be fully covered by Mundo Poker through various articles and will be broadcast live on MundoTV. Qualify for the event through GGPoker’s online satellites. The final full package will take place this Sunday (21).

Winner of Brazilian Poker's Historic Award Edson T...

BSOP Millions: Bernardo Dias Becomes 2-Day High Roller Champion

Bernardo Dias Overcomes Long 3-Hand Draw to Claim...

Day seven of the 2023 BSOP Millions ended with a victory for one of the most famous players at the online poker tables. Bernardo Dias (or “bedias”) from the 4Bet Poker Team has had a very solid career, he was a great winner of the 2 Day High Roller Event and, like Alex Gelinski, also had the most important win of his live poker career.

Bernardo completed a long marathon of over 16 hours on the final day of the race, beating 262 highly qualified runners over two days. Against his buy-in investment of R$10,000, the result was a massive payout of R$485,000. Additionally, the Porto Alegre native extends Team 4Bet Poker’s dominance at the 2023 BSOP Millions.

After a long final table, especially a 3-handed table, Bernardo was very tired and said of his win at the WTC Sheraton: “Very rewarding. We are tired of being derailed at the beginning of the final table And fell. Everything went well in this match, the level of the final table was very good and the opponents were a long three hands.” “Two very capable players. I am very happy now,” said Bernardo.

Bernardo is an experienced online player who has never won a BSOP tournament before, but this time the victory was not lost on him. At the final table, Bernardo, as he said, used a good technique and strategy to compete with strong players:

“In a way, I was lucky in the draw. Ya Ge was in the lead and I fell.” To his left, he had a lot of space freed up. When he eliminated four players in the deciding set, “the match got shorter and I took my chance,” he explained.

In order to achieve something, he left behind Victor Andreoletti, Leonardo Duarte, Ricardo Loyola, Valentin Piergentille, Gerardo Rodriguez, Yago Simplício and current BSOP Foz do Iguaçu Main Event winner Guilherme Schreiber.

The 4Bet Poker team surprised everyone with their dominance on the stage and Bernardo commented on the team’s energy: “The work pays off every day. People really encourage us to play live and not just online Competition, our support has been so comprehensive. It’s been great.”

The exhausted players are already facing the next step this Wednesday: the Entrepreneurship Championship, where 40 professionals and 40 casual entrepreneurs come together. He then competed in Day Two of the Main Event, looking for another career-defining title.

See the entire prize pool:

1. – Bernardo Dias – R$ 485,000

2. – Guilherme Schreiber – R$ 320,000

3. – Yago Simplício – 231,000 reals

4. – João Fela – R$ 189,000

5. – Geraldo Rodriguez – R$ 148,500

6. – Valentin Piergentille – R$ 112,300

7. – Ricardo Loyola – R$ 82,500

Bernardo Dias Overcomes Long 3-Hand Draw to Claim...

“vivi sativAA” wins Supreme’s Battle HR

“vivi sativAA” wins Supreme’s Battle HR

The action at Suprema Poker is always in full swing. In a very busy round on Thursday, ‘vivi sativAA’ fielded 803 players to claim the R$250 Battle HR title and the MTT’s top prize. His victory earned him a total of R$23,066.

In the R$550 HighS competition, “isilduuuur1” was the one who called out the winner. The first of 123 entrants, he topped up with a balance of R$15,970.

Other results

OmaX HR for R$400 (154 entries)

1. Location – “Trumpz82” R$ 14,312

R$ 25 Plus (4,971 shares)

1. Ranking – “Galo” R$ 13,076

55 fights (1,266 contestants)

1. Location – “carolzitaa” R$ 9,021

“vivi sativAA” wins Supreme’s Battle HR

Garrett Adelstein announced his return, but with a different “protest.”

Garrett Adelstein announces return to poker after...

Garret Adelstein is one of the biggest names in televised high-stakes cash game poker. His fame is a household name in the United States, but has spread around the world for different reasons. He was one of the key players in a controversial hand with Robbi Jade Lew on Hustler Casino Live.

During the fateful and timeless hand of J4, Adelstein believed he had been duped by players, causing an uproar that lasted for months. After a long investigation, nothing was found. Robbi Lew has been “cleared” of any wrongdoing and her image in the community has been clarified. Garret was and is not happy with the results.

Last October’s event After that, he never played a hand of poker again. Since then, the American welcomed the birth of his first daughter, Sienna, in April. When few expected to hear from him, the starter announced via Twitter that he was ready to return to action and eager to perform. Near future. “As soon as possible,” he said. “I didn’t think I was still going to play in the big games, and you know why. A lot of my motivation to come back is due to your support. Now… let’s get them,” he said.

If Adelstein does not guarantee that he will participate in big games, he means that the two big centers will no longer welcome him. Nick Vertucci, owner of Hustler Casino Live, clarified that the player will no longer participate in games there or at The Lodge Poker Club, two of the largest high-stakes live games.

There were even protests!

Four days after announcing his return, Adelstein received an unusual outcry from one person. A man named Wayne, wearing glasses, a hat and a mask, stood outside the Hustler Casino and demanded that the player pay Robbi Lew for the hand he was responsible for causing all the trouble. money lost. The pot in this case is $269,000.

“Garret Adelstein, please return your money to Robbi. Please keep your integrity. You will feel free. Your actions are damaging the reputation of the poker community. Robbi Jade is a victim,” one poster read: “. Wayne said in a video posted by PokerNews that he had been involved in the protests for days and weeks. Nine months ago, he said he would not return the money.

Garrett Adelstein announces return to poker after...

Check out the Latino prize money in the WSOP Paradise Main Event

Check out the Latino prize money in the WSOP Parad...

Day two of the WSOP Paradise Main Event took place on Tuesday, December 12, with 447 players still competing against 3,010 entrants. The tournament has a purse of $15,050,000, with the top 447 entrants receiving the prize money.

Latin American players recognized on day two:

  • Vito Díaz (Venezuela): 139° – u$s 16.200
  • Damián Salas (Argentina): 153° – u$s 13.900
  • Luis Valencia (México): 155° – u$s 13.900
  • Eduardo Sánchez (Colombia): 168° – u$s 13.900
  • Jorge Ribeiro (Brasil): 182° – u$s 13.900
  • Vanildo Ferreira (Brasil): 186° – u$s 13.900
  • Matías Chervin (Argentina): 197° – u$s 12.100
  • Renan Bruschi (Brasil): 220° – u$s 12.100
  • Lucas Furtado (Brasil): 234° – u$s 12.100
  • Michael Acevedo (Costa Rica): 246° – u$s 10.600
  • Pedro Madeira (Brasil): 258° – u$s 10.600
  • Sebastián Henao (Colombia): 263° – u$s 10.600
  • Diego De Lima (Brasil): 276° – u$s 10.600
  • Ramiro Petrone (Argentina): 281° – u$s 10.600
  • Marcelo Betto (Brasil): 282° – u$s 10.600
  • Misael Iadisernia (Venezuela): 288° – u$s 10.600
  • Bruno Albuquerque (Brasil): 320° – u$s 9.300
  • Nello Neto (Brasil): 325° – u$s 9.300
  • Andre Luchi (Brasil): 327° –  u$s 9.300
  • Diego Ventura (Perú): 345° – u$s 9.300
  • Ramon Silva (Brasil): 351° – u$s 9.300
  • Ricardo Silva (Brasil): 356° – u$s 9.300
  • Sergio Espinosa (Colombia): 389° – u$s 8.500
  • Yuri Dzivielevski (Brasil): 391° – u$s 8.500
  • Raif Harbie (Venezuela): 392° – u$s 8.500
  • Pedro Chaves (Brasil): 396° – u$s 8.500
  • Armando Collado (Nicaragua): 399° – u$s 8.500
  • Jose Luzzi (Brasil): 409° – u$s 8.500
  • Manuel Pochat (Argentina): 427° – u$s 8.500
  • Ricardo Sehnem (Brasil): 429° – u$s 8.500
  • Marcio Zacconi (Argentina): 436° – u$s 8.500

On Day 3 (Wednesday) 13th, 59 successful players will compete, with Brazilian Henrique Lessa in the top spot with earnings of $8.6 million Top of the list. Still in the running are compatriotsVitor Dzivielevski(4.3 million) andGabrielSchroeder(2.6 million) as well as MexicanJosé Surita. (2.5 million), Sam Greenwood (1.1 million), Tim Adams (2.2 million), Matt Grants (2.2 million), Mustapha Kanit ( 2.3 million), David Peters (2.5 million) and Kevin Martin (1 million), among others. All have guaranteed prizes of $32,000, with the winner taking home $2 million.

Check out the Latino prize money in the WSOP Parad...

WPT comes up with an interesting bubble solution

WPT comes up with an interesting bubble solution

In an attempt to combat the stalemate near the bubble, the Wynn casino and the World Poker Tour (WPT) made a significant change during the $1K buy-in WPT Prime Championship.

Many tournament players criticize the prolonged decision-making of low-chip players who try to delay their elimination until they reach the prize pool. This is especially problematic during major events with large guarantees. The WPT Prime Championship had more than $10 million in prize money when registration closed.

Wynn boss explains the action clock

Ryan Beauregard , Director of Poker Operations at the Wynn, wants the entire WPT World Championship series to run smoothly. One way to accomplish this is to minimize the stalemate as best as possible as major events approach the prize bubble.

After Level 15 of Day 1 at the WPT Prime Championship, Action Clocks were implemented at each table. Players were given four time extension chips at the beginning, which can be used in situations that require deep thinking, such as facing an all-in bet.

As the bubble develops, tables often slow down.

The Action Clock gives players 15 seconds to act preflop initially or their hand is declared dead. However, if a player then raises his initial bet, he will be given 30 seconds to act this time.

“Our goal was to implement it before we hit the prize bubble, so players would have a chance to get used to it,” Beauregard said. “Also, we wanted to make sure it went into effect when it could be beneficial.”

When the bubble approaches in any major tournament, low-chip players often hold back as much as possible for fear of being eliminated before reaching the prizes. The WPT has used the Action Clock for years, but typically much later in the tournament.

Bubble Time Extension Chips

At the first break of the Day 2 session, each remaining player was assigned four additional time extension chips. Four more were added at the start of Day 3. Once the tournament reached 24 players, all remaining players were awarded four additional chips, and then four final chips at the start of the final table.

Entering Day 3, the tournament had just 128 players remaining out of the original 10,512 entrants. The first place finisher will walk away with nearly US$1.4 million at the final table to be played on December 19.

The structure of the tournament did not change. When the bubble approached, hand-for-hand play began and two minutes were automatically subtracted from the clock for each hand dealt, similar to how operators structure almost any major event.

“After conversations with the WPT team, we determined that this was the right time to try it,” Beauregard said. “Especially with the World Championship coming up, our goal is to innovate, to try to change the industry for the better, and we’re going to try a few things.”

Feedback on the implementation of the Action Clock before the bubble appears to be mostly positive. Grinder Ben Ludlow praised Wynn on Twitter for adding the Action Clock before the bubble. He referred to the process as “smooth and painless.”

The first US$40 million guaranteed poker tournament, the US$10,400 buy-in WPT World Championship, began yesterday and before the bubble bursts in that historic event, the Action Clock will be implemented to help speed up the action and prevent short stacks from spending too much time thinking about their hands.

WPT comes up with an interesting bubble solution

Matías Scaffo shines at BSOP Millions, winning the Main Event and taking home R$1.3 million

Matías Scaffo shines at BSOP Millions, winning the...

For the second time in history, the party in the BSOP Millions Main Event is foreign. Matías Scaffo was cool throughout the Financial Times and could not resist the large Brazilian audience at the Sheraton Hotel in the World Trade Center. The pro defeated one-on-one Everton Lúcio, a mobile team grinder who spent much of the day isolated at the top. Through the transaction, the winner earned R$1,320,000, while the runner-up increased their balance by R$1,080,000.

Scaffo is well known for his online success and has the account “dalemati24”. operation. On the BSOP Millions sponsor page, he won the Main Event package.

Here’s the action from the Main Event final table:

9. Place – Iago Leonelli (Brazil) R$129,500

《Finance The Times’ first elimination was the cruelest. With K♣K♠ Jago increases directly from UTG+1 to 600,000. To his left, Everton took Lucio’s number to 1,500,000. The action continues again: Jago takes 3,100,000. Meanwhile, Everton thought long and hard before announcing an all-in move of 24,750,000. Iago immediately dials the number, which is still 12,175,000.

The São Paulo native was aiming to take the lead in the country’s top tournament, leading with K♣K♠ against Q♥Q♦. Iago then dodged the flop of 3♥8♦A and the turn of 6♥, but the Q♠ on the river caused him to collapse.

8. Place- Marcelo Medeiros (Brazil) R$ 170,000

The only former main event champion in the final set, Marcelo from Rio, only 2 BBS and he went all-in preflop. When A♠4♠ went up against Danilo Roy’s 8♥2♣, he lost on the 5♥7♠7♦8♠3♥ board and fell to the curb.

7. Place – Gerardo Rodríguez (Peru) R$231,000

While fighting for Peru’s unprecedented title at the BSOP, Rodriguez fell in Marcelo He was eliminated within a few minutes of falling. Holding A♣K♥, he responded to Everton’s minimum raise with a 3-bet to 2,000,000. Everton then declared a 4-bet all-in. Rodríguez immediately called with 36 BBS and saw his opponent show K♣K♠. The flop of 10♥Q♥2♥ gave Rodríguez a flush draw, but the 8 on the turn and the King on the river failed to surprise Everton.

6. Placement – ​​Alisson Piekazewicz (Brazil) R$305,000

Grinder Alisson continued to lag behind its opponents and failed to break through to the top six. As a farewell, he opened on the button and then called Everton’s 3-bet, covering his stack. Alisson defeated A♣10♣ with Q♣J♣ and lost on the K Tiger 4♠8♣5 Tiger 8 board.

5. Place – Danilo Rony (Brazil) R380,000 US$

Danilo, now isolated at the bottom, is also a victim of the crushing defeat. When K♣8♥ came up against KCheck2♥ he saw Uruguayan Matías Scaffo find one of his outs on 4♥2Check9♠A♣Q♥.

4. Place – Rafael Fernandes (Brazil) R$450,000

In a very busy four-player game, Rafael lost all his chips. With only 2 BBS, he defended the big hand and called an all-in move to Leandro Prinz, who held 9♠9♦. With J♥6♠, Rafael got one more out on the flop of 6\2\4♣, but the turn of Q♠ and the river of 7♣ confirmed his demise.

3. Location – Leandro Prinz (Brazil) R$ 570,000

Leandro had little time to celebrate. At the same level, he declared a 3-bet all-in with 13 BBS. The game went back to Everton and he called with J♠J♥. With A♥9♣, the Gauchos had no chance on the A♣J♣K ♦8♥9♥ board.

2. Ranking – Everton Lucio (Brazil) R$1,080,000

Everton with 124 Bbs and Scaffo with 35 Bbs Enter the decisive showdown. He quickly pulled away and established a nearly 7:1 lead. With his back against the wall, Scarfo won a flip to stay in the game. He dominated with Q?J♥ against 8♥8♣ and the flop of 4♣7?10♣ and the turn of 3♣ further complicated his situation, but the Q♠ on the river prevented Everton from winning.

After folding, Scaffo pulled into a big pot and took the lead for the first time. He controlled the situation without looking back until the final elimination.

On the final hand, Everton pushed all-in with 5 BBS and Scarfo followed with 10♠8♥. With J♥9♥, the player from Jundiaí encountered a marginal K ❖ 6♠7♠4♥.


BSOP Millions Main Event


Fields: 3,220 entries (1,825 unique entries)

Prize Pool: 10,413,410 R$

Matías Scaffo shines at BSOP Millions, winning the...

GGPoker is currently taking action for KSOP South America

GGPoker is currently taking action for KSOP South...

Of all the reasons to play the KSOP GGPoker South America, there is one that stands out the most: R$ 50 million guaranteed!

GGPoker will be hosting multiple satellites leading up to the start of the festival on January 24th. The Steps event is larger, with five games taking place daily at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm.

These tournaments have a $25 buy-in and are expected to last an average of 66 minutes. Each person will receive 5,000 chips to compete in a 5-minute blind level competition for a spot in the $250 satellite.

The winner of the satellite will win the full package, including 15 nights’ accommodation + a R$5,000 buy-in to the Main Event.


Who attends Rio Center meetings and conferences? At the event center of Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, there will be a festival like no other in Brazil. At least R$50 million will be distributed between January 24 and February 7.

GGPoker is currently taking action for KSOP South...

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