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Next SHRB to be held in September

The Super High Roller Bowl returns to PokerGO in S...

PokerGO has one of the busiest schedules in the poker industry. If you check the live schedule or new show announcements, there’s high stakes poker, betting on no future, charity events, and more almost every few days.

Hot show coming as soon as next month Until recently, the Poker Masters series, regularly hosted by Ali Imsirovic, has returned to the big screen.

The festival features the Purple Jacket Sweepstakes for the best players and is traditionally held at the Aria Casino in September instead of the 15-30. The schedule includes more than a dozen tournaments with prizes ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 Wait, the main highlight will be the return of the legendary Super High Roller Bowl.

The buy-in is $300,000, so expect some of the best players to come including Negreanu. He’ll be looking to repeat last year’s success, when his victory netted him the second-largest career win: $3,312,000.

As always, SHRB will be held for 3 days starting September 28th and extending to September 30th. On the first day, competitors play 7 levels of 75 minutes each, on the second day they move on to the final table stage, and on the final day they return to decide the winner.

The Super High Roller Bowl has been held since 2015, and statistics show that it attracts fewer and fewer entrants each year. While registrations for the event in its early days ranged from 40 to 56, it has fallen out of favor recently.

The decline started long before the pandemic hit – 2018 enrollments are still at 36. In 2019, SHRB, like hundreds of other events, was canceled for various reasons that we know of. In 2021, 21 players are registered to compete in Nega, and in 2022 there are 24 competitors. How high the turnout will be this year remains to be seen.

At the end of the year, the $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop will return to Las Vegas with bonuses from new partners, exciting high-limit fans and an even bigger challenge after a three-year break.

The Super High Roller Bowl returns to PokerGO in S...

Benitez reaches Monte Carlo main event final

Benitez is one of the finalists for Monte Carlo's...

EPT Monte Carlo Day 4 of the Main Event was fiercely competitive from start to finish. The tournament began with a series of quick eliminations, with 14 players exiting the first phase of the competition in Monte Carlo. Heroic displays abounded, as chip leaders suddenly appeared, bluffs failed, and when the chips were pocketed, one of the 16 remaining players was left with just the big blind, and among the survivors wasFrancisco Benitez.

The player who stood out most during the madness was Philipp Wenzelburger, who was nearly eliminated when he opened with just 13 big blinds but won in 2017 Got three big hands. Continuous lead.

Philipp Wenzelburger leads the fifth day.

The German ends Day 4 with 6,545,000 chips, a clear lead over second-place finisher Jonathan Guedes, who has 3,570,000 chips.

Following Guedes, Jovan Kenjic is in third place with 3,255,000 chips, followed by Natan Chauskin in fourth place with 3,180,000. Canadian Jamil Wakil rounds out the top five with 2,470,000 points.

In tenth place is Benitez from Uruguay with 1,845,000 points, or more precisely 46 blinds, who is a target to reach the final table.

Francisco is already a well-known figure in the EPT. He has won two titles on tour, both at the 2022 EPT Barcelona: the €25,000 No-Limit Hold’em event with a prize pool of €341,565; and the €5,200 No-Limit Hold’em Mystery Bounty event with a prize pool of €341,565. €341,565. €114,080. So nowTomato is hoping for another win, this time with a seven-figure payout.

Day 5 will begin with 16 returning players this Friday at 12pm. There are 47 minutes left in Level 25, the blinds are 20,000/40,000 and the BB is 40,000.

The overall winner will receive €1,000,000 and the coveted PokerStars trophy.

EPT Monte Carlo – Main Event Benitez

Buy-in: 5,300 €

Entry: 1,208 €

Pot : € 5,858,800

Blinds: 20,000/40,000 Ansert BB 40,000.

Average: 2,265,000

Next price: 17,500 €

Number of chips

1. Philipp Wenzelburger – 6,545,000 – 164 BB2. Jonathan Gerdes – 3,570,000 – 89 BB3. Jovan Kenjic – 3,255,000 – 81 BB4° Natan Joskin – 3,180,000 – 80 BB5. Jamil Wakil – 2,470,000 – 62 BB6. Adrian Mateos – 2,405,000 – 60 BB7° Boris Angelov – 2,395,000 – 60 BB8° Rania Nasreddin – 2,135,000 – 53 BB9° Jonathan Pastore – 2,060,000 – 52 BB10.Francisco Benitez – 1,845,000 – 46 BB11 Dirk Van Lewis – 1,660,000 – 42 BB12° Nicholas Toom – 1,430,000 – 36 BB13. Joseph Sibicek – 1,400,000 – 35 BB14. Javier Caballo – 1,105,000 – 28 BB15. Nathan Tetart – 750,000 – 19 BB16. David Docherty – 40,000 – 1 BB

Odds table

1° €1,000,0002° €620,5003° €442,9004° 340,500 €5° 261,700 €6° 201,000 Euro7° 154,900 €8° €119,000

Benitez is one of the finalists for Monte Carlo's...

Jules Marie’s Expresso Millionaire win on Winamax cost nearly €100,000 per hand

Jules Marie's Expresso Millionaire win on Winamax...

On the 14thMillionaire Express 2024 will be held at Winamax (April 2nd), which is the same as the previous one Completely opposite. From the most competitive round lasting 58 hands, we were down to a modest 9 hands.

It helps that the jackpot jumps to Expresso Nitro, in this case it is €10 and in fact it is a €5 and €10 bet for getting the last nine golden mats The table has bonus wheel preferences set.

Jules Marie, Joogoku and -papanoel- had little time to calibrate their rivals. In the second hand, Jules Marie flopped a straight flush and took Joogoku’s chips(3rd place, €80,000) strong>, his hand improved from top pair to two rivers<. /p>

The heads-up matchup was more competitive, but after winning the flip to even the competition, -papanoel – (2nd place, €120,000) was left trying to steal J9 vs. Jules Maries A7(1st place, €800,000).

Jules Marie's Expresso Millionaire win on Winamax...

After 14 years, Parker Talbot finally wins his first live tournament!

After 14 years, Parker Talbot finally wins his fir...

The poker world witnessed a remarkable milestone at the 2024 Irish Open, one that was reminiscent of the late Sinead O’Connor’s performance in Nothing Compares 2 U In a poetic twist, PokerStars Ambassador Parker Talbot’s first live poker tournament victory comes after 14 years of hard work.

As the song ” As Days, the melancholy protagonist of Seven Hours Fifteen, endures heartbreak, Talbot’s triumphant journey has spanned a total of 4,363 days since he first cashed in at a live show. Talbot took the pressure off Ireland’s €5,000 Luxon Pay 8-Handed High Roller as he beat a field of 111 players, which featured a star-studded final table that included WSOP Online 2023 Main Event champion Bert Stevens and EPT Prague 2023 Main Event Champion Padraig O’Neill.

🏆 | @tonkaaaap finally did it!

Tonka’s winning run has spanned a remarkable 4,363 days since he first cashed in at a live show. He won the Luxon Pay €5,000 High Roller 8 Max for €134,279

Learn more here:

— PokerNews (@PokerNews) March 28, 2024

To secure victory, Talbot defeated runner-up Fergal O’Cathain, which meant he There was no chance after that. The chips went all-in on the A 4 7 flop. Talbot went all-in with A 4 versus 7 5. The turn of the ace prompted a series of shouts from his entourage, and Talbot and O’Cathain exchanged fist bumps and shook hands as the river card was dealt.

Irish Open 2024 – Luxon Pays €5,000 High Roller 8-Handed

Buy-in: €5,000

Number of Entries: 111

Pot: €514,068.75

Final Table

1° Parker Talbot – €134,2792° Fergal O’Cathain – €86,6353. Padraig O’Neill – €61,8854. Rupu Talmi – €47,6055°-in-Ian Drake – €36,6156° Bert Stevens – €28,1657° Jamie Duwan – €22,5308° Narcissus Oralu – €18,0259° Jani Tuovinen – €15,020

Parker Talbot and his successful online career

Prker Talbot, known by his username tonkaaaaP, is one of the most well-known figures in the online poker world. His live streams and YouTube channel have gained huge popularity over the past decade. Hhis career as a content creator has been almost as successful as his career as a professional gamer. However, he still missed out on one major accomplishment: winning a live tournament.

Talbot is from Ontario and discovered poker at a young age. He started playing in casinos at the age of 18 and hasn’t stopped since then. He also dabbled in online poker under the nicknames “tonkaaaa” and “tonkaaaaP,” amassing significant amounts of cash and winnings. He has won several major tournaments over the years, including the Super Tuesday $101,000 nearly a decade ago and the PokerStars Sunday Million 2019 $124,114.

After 14 years, Parker Talbot finally wins his fir...

KSOP Fortaleza: Decisions to be made on Thursday and other games in the series

The first big decision will be made on Thursday, a...

On Thursday, the first big decision for the KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza Special Edition will be made. After opening yesterday, the series will have two important games on the final day, providing more opportunities for players in the capital Ceará.

The biggest attraction is the final day of HR Light, scheduled for 2 p.m. Several big-name players have already secured their spots in the final stages of the tournament and will be vying for the massive jackpot on day two of KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza. The match will be broadcast live by MundoTV and promises to be a top-level affair.

The other big decision of the day was the warm-up. However, before the final day begins, the R$800 tournament is scheduled to feature another qualifying round in Hyper Turbo format at 1:00 pm. Then, at 5:00 p.m., the final day of warm-ups will determine the overall winner later in the day. The final table of the tournament will also be broadcast live on MundoTV.

Read more: KSOP GGPoker Fortaleza: Francisco Vazquez 5-bets Bruno Porto, draws 30 blinds preflop, no showdown

With these two decisions, there will be another exciting game starting on Thursday. This is a progressive elimination tournament where three qualifiers will compete during the day. The tournament has a buy-in of R$2,500 and a guaranteed prize pool of R$500,000. Round 1A starts at 2:00 PM, Round 1B starts at 7:00 PM, and Round 1C starts at 11:00 PM.

The main matches in the starting lineup are also worth mentioning. The Main Event will take place this Thursday, with a prize of R$1,000,000, and is the first of six qualifying events. Day 1A is scheduled for 3:00pm with a tournament buy-in of R$3,000.

View the full schedule for Wednesday:

TimeTournamentBuy – inGuaranteedBlinds1:00pm Warm-up – Day 1 (Super) R$800 – 10 min 14:00 HR Lightweight – Last Day – – 30 min 14:00 Progressive KO – 1A R$2,500 R$500,000 30 min 15:00 Main Event – Day 1A R$ 3,000 R$ 1,000,000 60 min 5:00pm Warm-up – Finals – 30 minutes 7:00pm Progressive KO – 1B R$ 2,500 – 30 minutes 8:00pm – Up to 15 minutes

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Watch Poker de Boteco Episode 64 with Dan Almeida:

The Fortaleza event continues for The majority of players provide many active players

The first big decision will be made on Thursday, a...

Olívio Gontijo clicks by mistake on GGPoker and goes crazy

A click error resulted in 3 homologous folds, whil...

Click errors in poker are something that most poker players have encountered at least once. Depending on the situation, the frustration can be overwhelming and can destroy a professional’s concentration. That’s what happened to Olívio Gontijo this Sunday.

The “Bigfatfat” streamer ended up giving away three bets by mistake, and when he used GGPoker’s Rabbit Revealer, the pro was more frustrated than seeing him hit one. Jack block. The game took place while Olívio had several screens open.

Enter $54 on GGPoker Gold Hunter WSOP Super Circuit, with 15.8 big blind, opened with a small raise on the button and saw Israeli “orange78” defend the big blind. The flop comes and both players check.

The turn came with a 1 and Olivio made a 3-bet. The Israeli player bets 2.5 BBS in a 5.7 pot. The call seemed simple enough to Gontijo, but he lost focus for a few seconds and ended up hitting the hide button.

When he realized his mistake, he was horrified: “Oh no, no, no, no.” As the Hare revealed the cards on the board, Olivio faced the river , this card could have given him four cards of the same type, but he didn’t believe it: “It’s impossible if I didn’t live,” and it didn’t work. occur. I clicked the wrong button.

A click error resulted in 3 homologous folds, whil...

Renan Meneguetti finishes second in WSOP Super Circuit 6-Handed Championship

Renan Meneguetti finishes second in WSOP Super Cir...

Looking for a third consecutive WSOP Super Circuit title, Brazil had six of the 37 players qualifying for the final day of Event 11: The $800 NL Hold’em 6-Max Tournament. The green and yellow team was led by pro Renan Meneguetti in second place. He currently has 5,091,638 chips, while Spanish player Manuel Saavedra has 6,283,616.

Other Brazilians still vying for the gold ring are Bernardo “JohnnyStar8” Peters (5th – 4,158,594), Dennys Ramos (12th – 2,997,050), Carlos “Levistraus” Ribeiro (16th – 2,141,918), Fernando Borges (26th – 1,746,464) and Filipe Monteiro (27th – 1,660,798).

Once they return to GGPoker, the six-man group will have to face a tough competition that includes Sebastian Gaehl (10th – 3,411,231), Dmitry Yurasov (15th – 2,149,051), Damián The names of Salas (20th – 1,919,078), Deividas “PDC Mayor” Daubaris (24th – 1,779,552), Aram Zobian (25th). – 1,764,242) and Shawn Buchanan (36th – 595,320).

Event 11 had 1,717 participants, triggering a $1,000,000 guarantee. In total, the winner will receive $177,761 from a prize pool of $1,304,920.

Play continues at 3:00pm (BST) with blinds of 35,000/70,000 and BB ante.

Renan Meneguetti finishes second in WSOP Super Cir...

Carla Marins Launches ‘Ramirada’ on GGPoker

Kara Mullins suffers upset, refuses to accept draw...

Host Carla Marins (better known as “nanasmakeup”) had a stellar performance in the BSOP Sao Paulo Main Event, finishing 31st out of 1,278 registered entrants, and is building excitement among the various tournaments this Sunday (10) one of the players. When she returned to the virtual poker tables, she decided to broadcast her legendary story in search of victory.

She played on almost every site available and played very interesting hands at the GGPoker table, culminating in a temporary victory. Flop coolers, pot splits, and lamentations in the form of Carla Marins’ “Ramirada.”

This game takes place in the traditional Zodiac Main Event and has entered the “Sprint” phase. There were 110 players left in the field and Carla, who ran the account “MickChecker”, went all-in with about 15 big blinds in the small blind De and saw the Norwegian “Deeepz” call in the big blind and she was even completely in Dominant suit.

Kara doubled up on the first few hands and she was not at all happy about the showdown, but she had accepted it. The flop came and didn’t bring the two necessary outs. The turn brought a one and the Norwegian had the advantage.

She had eight more shutouts at this point, so she could survive in the tournament with at least seven or two shutouts in a row. But unknowingly, she saw the river card and complained: “gg, we folded and lost. Then we will go down…” However, she was surprised: “Huh? Split, Split, Split Prit, La Mirada”, cheered.

Kara Mullins suffers upset, refuses to accept draw...

Gabriel Silva Wins PokerStars’ $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR

Gabriel Silva Wins PokerStars' $55 Mini Bounty Bui...

The Brazilian had a hard time on the PokerStars felt on Tuesday the 20th. In the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR competition, Gabriel Silva took home gold. After defeating 2,469 opponents, the owner of the “Xisde-GR” account received $14,538. Also in the tournament, Keven “kevenppn” Augusto was stopped during the 3-hand stage for $5,624.

Keven didn’t stop there. He screamed like a champion in the $109 Fenomeno to take home another $5,631.

In the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller, Marcelo Aziz (2nd place) and Pedro “PaDiLhA SP” Padilha (3rd place) earned $8,421 and $4,413$ respectively. There were 1,946 participants in the tournament.

In the $109 Bounty Builder, Alysson “Brunopoker94” Bruno rounded out the podium and took home $5,735.

Also at the site’s poker tables, Matheus “KingSouto” Souto cracked the $27 Daily Knockout and won $5,629.

Gabriel Silva Wins PokerStars' $55 Mini Bounty Bui...

The strange story of the day Negreanu received the pizza

The strange story of the day Negreanu received the...

February 9th is World Pizza Day this year, and you might be wondering if this delicious treat has something to do with poker. But the answer is like pineapple on dough: they shouldn’t be together. However, in this special edition of Freak Fridays, we bring you anecdotes about poker, pizza and… Daniel Negreanu.

It was the 2019 PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) debut in the Bahamas, and Negreanu, who was still part of the Red and Spades Pro Team at the time, told the tournament’s The same organization confirmed this, with the $25,000 tournament already becoming the largest entry-value meeting in the event’s history.

How did he know about this before anyone else, even official informants? ? The answer is a mystery. However, the social media team decided to surprise Negreanu with their message and offered him a position on the communications team and a slice of pizza, which KidPoker did not refuse and even ordered a vegan pizza.

@realkidpoker knew this before we did, which means we either need to hire him or step up our game. Daniel, is there any chance we can treat you to a slice of pizza and some timely encouragement? This is what we work for. But man… what a game this is going to be.

— PokerStars Blog (@PokerStarsBlog) January 6, 2019

A few hours later, Negreanu received his pizza and was eating He took advantage of the opportunity to let the world know that this wasn’t the first time PokerStars had given him pizza. “The first time was 10 years ago when I played US$100/$200 Limit Hold’em!”. Why celebrate Pizza Day? Daniel Negreanu

February 9 is World Pizza Day

Pizza is one of the most consumed foods in the world and is loved by everyone because of the variety of ingredients it can be paired with.

In 2017, pizza was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO due to its role in social life and the intergenerational transmission of this culinary art. The word pizza is derived from the Greek word pēktos, meaning solid or congealed.

Is it great to get Ist pineapple pizza?

Adopted at the June 17 meeting of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of Heritage, Jeju Island (South Korea), 2016, supported by a global petition with more than 2 million signatures.

The strange story of the day Negreanu received the...

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