BSOP Millions: Bernardo Dias Becomes 2-Day High Roller Champion

Bernardo Dias Overcomes Long 3-Hand Draw to Claim...

Day seven of the 2023 BSOP Millions ended with a victory for one of the most famous players at the online poker tables. Bernardo Dias (or “bedias”) from the 4Bet Poker Team has had a very solid career, he was a great winner of the 2 Day High Roller Event and, like Alex Gelinski, also had the most important win of his live poker career.

Bernardo completed a long marathon of over 16 hours on the final day of the race, beating 262 highly qualified runners over two days. Against his buy-in investment of R$10,000, the result was a massive payout of R$485,000. Additionally, the Porto Alegre native extends Team 4Bet Poker’s dominance at the 2023 BSOP Millions.

After a long final table, especially a 3-handed table, Bernardo was very tired and said of his win at the WTC Sheraton: “Very rewarding. We are tired of being derailed at the beginning of the final table And fell. Everything went well in this match, the level of the final table was very good and the opponents were a long three hands.” “Two very capable players. I am very happy now,” said Bernardo.

Bernardo is an experienced online player who has never won a BSOP tournament before, but this time the victory was not lost on him. At the final table, Bernardo, as he said, used a good technique and strategy to compete with strong players:

“In a way, I was lucky in the draw. Ya Ge was in the lead and I fell.” To his left, he had a lot of space freed up. When he eliminated four players in the deciding set, “the match got shorter and I took my chance,” he explained.

In order to achieve something, he left behind Victor Andreoletti, Leonardo Duarte, Ricardo Loyola, Valentin Piergentille, Gerardo Rodriguez, Yago Simplício and current BSOP Foz do Iguaçu Main Event winner Guilherme Schreiber.

The 4Bet Poker team surprised everyone with their dominance on the stage and Bernardo commented on the team’s energy: “The work pays off every day. People really encourage us to play live and not just online Competition, our support has been so comprehensive. It’s been great.”

The exhausted players are already facing the next step this Wednesday: the Entrepreneurship Championship, where 40 professionals and 40 casual entrepreneurs come together. He then competed in Day Two of the Main Event, looking for another career-defining title.

See the entire prize pool:

1. – Bernardo Dias – R$ 485,000

2. – Guilherme Schreiber – R$ 320,000

3. – Yago Simplício – 231,000 reals

4. – João Fela – R$ 189,000

5. – Geraldo Rodriguez – R$ 148,500

6. – Valentin Piergentille – R$ 112,300

7. – Ricardo Loyola – R$ 82,500

Bernardo Dias Overcomes Long 3-Hand Draw to Claim...

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  • Irwin.hermiston

    The text provides a detailed account of Bernardo Dias’ victory at the 2023 BSOP Millions poker tournament, highlighting his solid career and the significant payout he received. It also mentions the success of the 4Bet Poker Team and Bernardo’s exhaustion after a long final table.

  • This text provides a detailed account of Bernardo Dias’ victory in the 2023 BSOP Millions poker tournament. Bernardo’s long and tiring journey resulted in a significant payout, and he credited his success to good technique and strategy, as well as the support of his team.

  • This text highlights the impressive victory of Bernardo Dias at the 2023 BSOP Millions, where he won a significant payout after a long final table and 16 hours of play. His success is attributed to his strategy and technique, as well as the support from Team 4Bet Poker.

  • I think it’s impressive that Bernardo Dias was able to secure such a significant victory at the 2023 BSOP Millions after a long and grueling final table. His perseverance and strategic gameplay paid off, leading to a well-deserved payout and recognition for his skills as a poker player.

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