Bulgarian wins Super Million$460,000

Bulgarian wins Super Million$460,000

The Mega Millions Finals take place every Tuesday in the GGPoker room. The $10,300 buy-in is only for high rollers, so you can often spot celebrities in the finals. But this time, there were more regular players than legends in the finals.

Exception: Benjamin Rolle, who finished fourth. He was knocked down by Ognjan Dimov with a set of nine, while Rolle only had two pairs. A few minutes later, Ognian went one-on-one.

In heads-up action, the Bulgarian met Jans Arends Austria. Ognian’s chip advantage was 98BB to 64BB. Gradually, Arends’s chips were getting smaller and smaller. On the final hand, the Austrian went all-in with Q-J and Dimov responded with a call with A-2. A straight flopped and the Bulgarian poker player won.

Dimov took home $461,000 for the win, with the runner-up adding $335,000 to his coffers. Next Tuesday, we expect a new winner in the Mega Millions.

Bulgarian wins Super Million$460,000

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  • Lou.stoltenberg

    This text provides a summary of a recent Mega Millions Finals poker tournament, highlighting the presence of celebrities and regular players. It describes the final moments of the tournament, including the defeat of Benjamin Rolle and the ultimate victory of Ognjan Dimov, who took home $461,000 in prize money.

  • Hansen.charlotte

    This text provides an overview of the Mega Millions Finals held in the GGPoker room, highlighting the presence of both regular players and celebrities. It narrates the final moments of the tournament, including key plays and the ultimate victory of Ognjan Dimov, who won a significant cash prize.

  • This text provides a detailed summary of a high-stakes poker tournament, highlighting key moments and players involved. It creates excitement for future events by mentioning the upcoming Mega Millions Finals and the potential for a new winner to emerge. The narrative captures the competitive nature of the game and the large prize money at stake for the participants.

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