CAP Buenos Aires Main Event finalists now announced

CAP Buenos Aires Main Event finalists now announce...

CAP Buenos Aires’s main event has announced its finalists. With a first prize of $21,441,088 a blockbuster one, nine players at the Madero Poker table will be vying for the title this Sunday, so the best place to start is Manuel Tolaba, ended Day 3 as the chip leader.

Saturday’s action started with 36 players and ended with Walter Tognola winning $1,809,159 and being eliminated from the final table bubble in 10th place.

After being eliminated by Tolaba himself, the leader stands at 4,550,000 chips, depending on his performance on Day 3 and from the final elimination, he consolidated his Top status.

So, as he looks from above, the players on the roster are very competitive, because behind him there are strong players like Pablo Rodriguez, >Nicolas Mohamed, Dario Pell, Christian Vilches, Ariel Rosanova, Lucas Carletti, Sebastian Lobo and Christian Sosa.

Cap Buenos Aires Final Table Manuel Tolaba – 4,550,000 Nicolás Mohmadam – 3,800,000 Pablo Rodríguez – 3,700,000 Dario Pelle – 3,310,000 Ariel Rosanova – 2,550,000 Cristian Vilches – 2,250,000 Sebastián lobo – 2,1 50. 0 00 Wilkes – 2,250,000 Sebastian – 2,150,000,000 Rupees Cas Carletti – 1,850,000 Cristian Sosa – 1,320,000

Thus, these nine players will compete to become the new Argentinian champions, who will win the CAP Buenos Aires – trophy and $21,441,888, while second place will earn $14,701,094 and third place will earn $14,701,094 earning $10,452,920, giving the trio an eight-figure income.

CAP Buenos Aires Main Event finalists now announce...

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    This text discusses the finalists of the CAP Buenos Aires poker tournament, highlighting Manuel Tolaba as the chip leader. It also mentions the significant prize pool and the competitive nature of the players vying for the title.

  • This text provides information about the finalists of CAP Buenos Aires’s main event, their chip counts, and the prize money at stake. It highlights Manuel Tolaba as the chip leader and mentions other strong players who will compete for the title. The significant prize money adds to the competitiveness of the tournament.

  • The text provides information about the finalists and their chip counts for the CAP Buenos Aires poker tournament. It also mentions the prizes for the top three players, with the first prize being a substantial amount.

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