“captainbra” is a Brazilian Suprema HighS winner

“captainbra” is a Brazilian Suprema HighS winner

On Tuesday the 21st, ‘captainbra’ announced the winner of the R$750 HighS 75K GTD in a very tight straight race at Suprema Brazil. With his victory, his balance increased by R$23,814. There were 104 entrants in this competition.

In the R$250 Battle HR 175K GTD competition, “TyrAAnT” emerged from 656 competitors to take first place and receive a prize of R$19,951. View other results:

Event 40 SMS: R$ 15 plus 100,000 GTD (3,422 entrants)

Winner: “sigajunior” R$ 14,445

R$ 550 Omax HR 50K GTD (63 entries)

Winner: “Zangão” R $14,067

Event 41 SMS: R$ 75 Mystery 100K GTD (1,329 entrants)

Winner: “Tricomaxxx” R$ 8,340

“captainbra” is a Brazilian Suprema HighS winner

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  • Bernhard.nyah

    This text provides information about various gaming competitions and their winners, along with the prize amounts they received. It seems to be reporting on the success of these individuals in different gaming events, showcasing their achievements and the number of entrants in each competition.

  • Selmer.hickle

    In this text, captainbra and “TyrAAnT” won different poker competitions in Brazil, increasing their balances significantly. There were a good number of participants in these events, indicating their popularity.

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