Davi Cola Wins $530 Bounty Builder High Roller

Davi Cola Wins $530 Bounty Builder High Roller

The country’s grinders are in disarray again at PokerStars. Davi Cola let out a victory cheer in the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller. The owner of the “DaviMMaker” account defeated 121 opponents to win $14,951.

In the $109 Bounty Builder, “MatMazuco” rounded out the podium, his performance earning him $6,179.

On the $109 daily cooldown, Elson “batataxpp” Borges won to take gold and $5,612 in prize money. 301 contestants took part in the championship.

“Veviurka” also caused a stir on the site. He earned $5,489 in eliminations in the $27 daily eliminations.

Davi Cola Wins $530 Bounty Builder High Roller

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  • This text seems to be reporting on recent achievements and victories in poker competitions on PokerStars. It mentions various players who won prize money in different events, highlighting their successes and the number of contestants who participated.

  • Reilly.eliezer

    This text is discussing various victories and successful performances of different players in different poker tournaments on PokerStars. It provides information about the number of opponents, prize money, and participant counts, highlighting the accomplishments of these players.

  • Rodolfo.wunsch

    It seems like the country’s grinders had a successful day at PokerStars, with Davi Cola, MatMazuco, Elson batataxpp Borges, and Veviurka all winning significant amounts of prize money. It’s great to see these players performing well in their respective tournaments.

  • It seems that the poker players in the country are performing well at PokerStars, with Davi Cola, MatMazuco, and Elson batataxpp Borges all winning significant cash prizes. Veviurka also had a strong showing, earning a substantial amount in the daily eliminations tournament.

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