DDKONGER Wins Sunday Special After a Very Bad Monday at PokerStars Red

DDKONGER Wins Sunday Special After a Very Bad Mond...

Yesterday was the last event left on Sunday, the Sunday Special, which was the big star of the day for PokerStars.

It became the last race 1 priced over €5,000 this weekend, the fourth slot on Sunday, heading to France and ending up in the “DDKONGER” account (first, 5,929€) 16), of which “25EVARISTO25” was the only finalist with a Spanish flag (4th place, 2,303.76€).

On the other hand, there has only been one Spaniard win in a regular tournament pot over €10,000. “Jdepablo” won big with €50 (€1,730.05), and on Monday, little gain, little more Much to the delight of our players.

With this win, La Roja had just 13 victories in total in the MTT yesterday.

These are Monday’s Spanish winners:

  1. “Rpichicha” (PKO €5). *
  2. “babyfiss” (PKO €10).
  3. “fcbteam77” (PKO €5).
  4. “JSabater98” (SuperStack 1 Euro).
  5. “torocc” (Blowout €30).
  6. “chiryguili” (Superstack €2).
  7. “Jdepablo” (Big Bang €50).
  8. “Jdepablo” (Big Bang €50).
  9. “polferrer” (SuperStack Turbo 10 euros).
  10. “Monstick” (Bounty Generator €10).
  11. “Shoowman” (Zoom PKO €30).
  12. “Francis-coo0” (PKO 5 Euros).
  13. “balonmania” (SuperStack Turbo €20).
  14. “Alexpany7” (SuperStack Turbo 5 euros).

The Spaniard scored 2 doubles, HU The balance sheet is significantly better with our team: 13th 1st vs 16th Two.

DDKONGER Wins Sunday Special After a Very Bad Mond...

Comments (2)

  • The text provides an overview of the PokerStars event, highlighting the final results of the Sunday Special and the achievements of Spanish players in other tournaments. It mentions that there was only one Spanish finalist in the Sunday Special and only one Spanish winner in a regular tournament pot over €10,000.

  • This text discusses the outcome of the Sunday Special event on PokerStars, where the Spanish player 25EVARISTO25 reached the fourth place. It also mentions other Spanish players who won in various tournaments, including Jdepablo who won €50. Overall, the text implies that although there were only 13 Spanish winners, the performance of the Spanish team was better compared to other teams.

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