Floripondio of Zortea Casino is extending the Medellin Poker Expo

Floripondio of Zortea Casino is extending the Mede...

The “Floripondio” festival is organized by the cozy Zortea Casino in the capital Antioquia and takes place on August 27th and Sunday September 3rd. The centerpiece of the series will be an attractive tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $400,000,000 (approximately $100,000) with five qualifying flights and a buy-in of $1,500,000 (approximately $375). As side events, Zortea’s frenzy this week will include a new High Roller event combining mystery bounties and knockout progressive modes, Pot Limit Omaha five-handed tournaments and second chances that pay out through knockouts, organizing “Knockout Bandido” .

The Floripondio wager at the Zortea Casino in the city of eternal spring will exceed $100,000.

Medellin continues to position itself as one of the most attractive places for poker lovers in

The backbone of the series will be the DeepStack Championship, with an attractive guaranteed prize pool of CO$400,000,000 (approximately $100,000). The event has a buy-in of $1,500,000,000 (approximately $375) and has 5 qualifying flights and will run from Tuesday 29th August to Friday 1st September. The final rounds of the first stage of the tournament will be played at breakneck speed, with 20-minute rounds; in other tournaments, blinds will increase every 30 or 40 minutes, depending on the stage of the tournament. The qualifiers will return to the Day 2 tables on Saturday, September 2, when the event’s finalists will be announced, with the final list taking place on Sunday, September 3.

Opportunity to participate in this Floripondio Main Event for only $150,000 ($37.50) invested in Goal Stack mode Super Satellite . These qualifiers award 10,000 chips over 15 minute levels. Every time a contestant reaches 100,000 points, they can be redeemed for entry into the tournament. The first Super Satellite will be on Monday, August 28th at 8:00pm. Four more races will take place on Tuesday 29th September, Wednesday 30th, Thursday 31st and Friday 1st September, always starting at 1pm.

The Zortea Casino was full during the break. Poker Adventure Tour

(PGAT), the series opened up this cozy space in


This poker party will be held at the Zortea Casino located in the Premium Plaza Shopping Mall in the Poblado area as follows: The first event is a new The Big Gamble combines the Mystery Bounty and Progressive Knockout modes. This is a $3,000,000 buy-in ($750) tournament, with some proceeds to be paid out in the form of location-based prizes, some proceeds to be paid out progressively through knockouts, and some proceeds to be distributed randomly when the event has reached the awards stage(ITM), the reward assigned to those who achieved a knockout result. The competition will feature two qualifying flights on Sunday, August 27th and Monday, August 28th, with the winner to be determined on Tuesday, August 29th.

The entry fee paid by each entrant will be divided as follows: $2,000,000 ($500) for prize pools at each location, progressive prizes of $600,000 ($150) for knockouts and surprise prizes of $400,000 ($100). The event also offers satellites where you can get a seat for a lower investment. The first qualifier will take place on Saturday, August 26th at 4:00pm with a buy-in of CO$150,000 (US$37.50). There will also be two satellites on both dates starting at 2:00 pm each on Sunday 27th and Monday 28th, this one with a buy-in of $300,000 ($75).

Floripondio Also on the schedule is the Pot Limit $500,000 ($125) Omaha Fives Championship on Thursday the 31st at 20:00. Finally, the festival ends with the ubiquitous Second Chances tournament. This chance is a competition with a knockout prize, which organizers of the series have dubbed “Knockout Bandit.” The buy-in for this event is CO$1,000,000 (US$250), of which CO$700,000 (US$175) is earmarked for the prize pool at each location, and the remaining CO$300,000 (US$75) corresponds to the corresponding rewards received by the participant when he/ When she eliminates her opponent.

The first match of this Knockout Bandido will start on Saturday 2 September at 19:00 but registration remains open until the end of level 12 (second level) , the level will start at 18:00 on the second day of the competition. Sunday, September 3rd. PokerNoticias will cover the whole series and recap each event on our website, record daily main event updates on our LiveBlog, on our social networks (FB-fansite and IG profile) And the Main Event final table broadcast featuring Rodrigo Lussardi from Argentina, Julio Marrero from Puerto Rico and local stars Jorge Loaiza.

Floripondio of Zortea Casino is extending the Mede...

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  • The text provides information about the Floripondio festival organized by the Zortea Casino in Antioquia. It mentions that the festival will feature various tournaments with high guaranteed prize pools, such as the DeepStack Championship and The Big Gamble.

    The text also highlights the different side events, including Pot Limit Omaha and the Knockout Bandido tournament. It mentions the buy-in amounts and the dates of the qualifying flights and final rounds of the tournaments.

    Additionally, the text mentions the opportunity to participate in the Floripondio Main Event through Super Satellites. It provides details about the dates and buy-ins for these qualifiers.

    Overall, the text provides comprehensive information about the Floripondio festival, the tournaments, and the schedule. It effectively communicates the key details and highlights of the event.

  • Overall, the text provides information about the Floripondio festival organized by the Zortea Casino in Antioquia. The festival features various poker tournaments with guaranteed prize pools and buy-ins ranging from $375 to $3750. There are also side events such as High Roller and Pot Limit Omaha tournaments. The text mentions that Medellin is positioning itself as an attractive place for poker lovers. There are opportunities to qualify for the main event through Super Satellites with a lower buy-in. Additionally, the text briefly mentions other events like The Big Gamble and Second Chances tournament.

  • This text provides detailed information about the Floripondio festival being organized by the Zortea Casino in Antioquia, which includes various poker tournaments with attractive prize pools. The text also mentions the different events and qualifiers that will take place during the festival, providing information about buy-ins, dates, and locations. Overall, if you are a poker lover and looking for a fun and competitive environment to participate in tournaments, this festival seems like a great opportunity to showcase your skills and potentially win big prizes.

  • This text provides a detailed description of the Floripondio festival and the various events and tournaments taking place at the Zortea Casino in Antioquia. It outlines the dates, buy-ins, prize pools, and formats of the different poker events included in the festival. For poker enthusiasts, this text may be informative and helpful in planning their participation in the festival. It highlights the different options available for players of varying skill levels and budgets. Overall, it seems like a comprehensive and enticing event for those interested in the poker scene in Medellin.

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