Matías Scaffo shines at BSOP Millions, winning the Main Event and taking home R$1.3 million

Matías Scaffo shines at BSOP Millions, winning the...

For the second time in history, the party in the BSOP Millions Main Event is foreign. Matías Scaffo was cool throughout the Financial Times and could not resist the large Brazilian audience at the Sheraton Hotel in the World Trade Center. The pro defeated one-on-one Everton Lúcio, a mobile team grinder who spent much of the day isolated at the top. Through the transaction, the winner earned R$1,320,000, while the runner-up increased their balance by R$1,080,000.

Scaffo is well known for his online success and has the account “dalemati24”. operation. On the BSOP Millions sponsor page, he won the Main Event package.

Here’s the action from the Main Event final table:

9. Place – Iago Leonelli (Brazil) R$129,500

《Finance The Times’ first elimination was the cruelest. With K♣K♠ Jago increases directly from UTG+1 to 600,000. To his left, Everton took Lucio’s number to 1,500,000. The action continues again: Jago takes 3,100,000. Meanwhile, Everton thought long and hard before announcing an all-in move of 24,750,000. Iago immediately dials the number, which is still 12,175,000.

The São Paulo native was aiming to take the lead in the country’s top tournament, leading with K♣K♠ against Q♥Q♦. Iago then dodged the flop of 3♥8♦A and the turn of 6♥, but the Q♠ on the river caused him to collapse.

8. Place- Marcelo Medeiros (Brazil) R$ 170,000

The only former main event champion in the final set, Marcelo from Rio, only 2 BBS and he went all-in preflop. When A♠4♠ went up against Danilo Roy’s 8♥2♣, he lost on the 5♥7♠7♦8♠3♥ board and fell to the curb.

7. Place – Gerardo Rodríguez (Peru) R$231,000

While fighting for Peru’s unprecedented title at the BSOP, Rodriguez fell in Marcelo He was eliminated within a few minutes of falling. Holding A♣K♥, he responded to Everton’s minimum raise with a 3-bet to 2,000,000. Everton then declared a 4-bet all-in. Rodríguez immediately called with 36 BBS and saw his opponent show K♣K♠. The flop of 10♥Q♥2♥ gave Rodríguez a flush draw, but the 8 on the turn and the King on the river failed to surprise Everton.

6. Placement – ​​Alisson Piekazewicz (Brazil) R$305,000

Grinder Alisson continued to lag behind its opponents and failed to break through to the top six. As a farewell, he opened on the button and then called Everton’s 3-bet, covering his stack. Alisson defeated A♣10♣ with Q♣J♣ and lost on the K Tiger 4♠8♣5 Tiger 8 board.

5. Place – Danilo Rony (Brazil) R380,000 US$

Danilo, now isolated at the bottom, is also a victim of the crushing defeat. When K♣8♥ came up against KCheck2♥ he saw Uruguayan Matías Scaffo find one of his outs on 4♥2Check9♠A♣Q♥.

4. Place – Rafael Fernandes (Brazil) R$450,000

In a very busy four-player game, Rafael lost all his chips. With only 2 BBS, he defended the big hand and called an all-in move to Leandro Prinz, who held 9♠9♦. With J♥6♠, Rafael got one more out on the flop of 6\2\4♣, but the turn of Q♠ and the river of 7♣ confirmed his demise.

3. Location – Leandro Prinz (Brazil) R$ 570,000

Leandro had little time to celebrate. At the same level, he declared a 3-bet all-in with 13 BBS. The game went back to Everton and he called with J♠J♥. With A♥9♣, the Gauchos had no chance on the A♣J♣K ♦8♥9♥ board.

2. Ranking – Everton Lucio (Brazil) R$1,080,000

Everton with 124 Bbs and Scaffo with 35 Bbs Enter the decisive showdown. He quickly pulled away and established a nearly 7:1 lead. With his back against the wall, Scarfo won a flip to stay in the game. He dominated with Q?J♥ against 8♥8♣ and the flop of 4♣7?10♣ and the turn of 3♣ further complicated his situation, but the Q♠ on the river prevented Everton from winning.

After folding, Scaffo pulled into a big pot and took the lead for the first time. He controlled the situation without looking back until the final elimination.

On the final hand, Everton pushed all-in with 5 BBS and Scarfo followed with 10♠8♥. With J♥9♥, the player from Jundiaí encountered a marginal K ❖ 6♠7♠4♥.


BSOP Millions Main Event


Fields: 3,220 entries (1,825 unique entries)

Prize Pool: 10,413,410 R$

Matías Scaffo shines at BSOP Millions, winning the...

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