Nikita Bodiakovsky wins $1,200,000 at Triton Poker

Bodiakoski's May success: Talented Belarusian make...

The EPT Monte Carlo Series came to an end a few weeks ago with Nikita Bodiakovsky finishing in second place and winning over €2,000,000.

Not a long break between wins Nikita made a lot of money when he reached the final table again at the Triton Poker Festival and won $1.2 million.

This happened at the $75,000 NLH tournament, which attracted 87 entries and saw a good number of our players make it to the final table. Four Russian-speaking poker pros won: Nikolay Voskoboynikov, Artur Martirosyan, Vyacheslav Buldygin and Nikita Bodiakovsky. They all have one thing in common: They were both eliminated by eventual champion Michael Soyza.

Nikolay Voskoboynikov and Artur Martirosyan were the first Malaysian victims. Soiza set up a powerful trap with pocket aces and eliminated our boys in eighth and ninth:

  • 8. Place: Martirosyan – $241,500.
  • 9th Place: Voskoboynikov – $182,500.

Vyacheslav Buldygin held on until fifth place. Can’t resist betting on the pocket ten of Malaysian players. The Russian earned $502,500 for his finish.

Bodiakovsky enters heads-up play, his third match in recent weeks. On the last hand, Nikita bluffed at the table. Soyza burned three Time Bank cards before deciding to call and play. This is the Malaysian’s second win in the Triton Poker Series – he last won in 2019. His first place earned him $1,730,000.

Nikita’s latest win puts him on the all-time money list of most profitable players. Bodiakovsky moved up from 10th to eighth for a total of $42,206,910.

While the Triton Poker Series features the most expensive Texas Hold’em and Short Deck tournaments with buy-ins as high as $200,000, Nikita will have the opportunity to improve her position to $200,000.

Bodiakoski's May success: Talented Belarusian make...

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  • This text provides information about the recent successes of Nikita Bodiakovsky in poker tournaments, including his second-place finish in the EPT Monte Carlo Series and his subsequent win at the Triton Poker Festival. It also mentions the achievements of other Russian-speaking poker pros and the dominance of eventual champion Michael Soyza. Overall, it highlights the impressive winnings and rise in the rankings of these players.

  • This text provides a summary of the EPT Monte Carlo Series and the success of Nikita Bodiakovsky, who finished in second place and made over €2,000,000. It also highlights the performance of other Russian-speaking players and their eliminations by eventual champion Michael Soyza at the Triton Poker Festival, where Nikita won $1.2 million.

  • This text provides a detailed recap of the recent poker tournaments, highlighting the successes of players like Nikita Bodiakovsky and Michael Soyza. It also emphasizes the high stakes and competitive nature of the Triton Poker Series. Overall, it showcases the excitement and intensity of professional poker competition.

  • Brando.eichmann

    It seems like Nikita Bodiakovsky has been on a hot streak, finishing in second place at the EPT Monte Carlo Series and then winning $1.2 million at the Triton Poker Festival. Despite facing tough competition, including eventual champion Michael Soyza, Bodiakovsky continues to climb the all-time money list as one of the most profitable players in the world.

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