Rodrigo Seiji Completes FT in GGMasters High Roller

Rodrigo Seiji Completes FT in GGMasters High Rolle...

On day 8 of GGMillion$ week, the bar held back Brazil. In the final FT on Sunday, 20th, even Rodrigo Seiji’s massive FT lead in the $1,050 GGMasters High Roller didn’t end up giving the country a win. Facing tough competition, the Paranas exited the deadlock in a four-man match. He won a total of $53,491.

Seiji’s dominance came to an end in eight hands when his bluff against Miguel “kryingkid10” Silva cost him nearly half his stack. The Brazilian started the game with a minimum raise of 100,000. Miguel then defended the big hand and called. On the flop of 2♣K♠9♥, Seiji bet 55,0000 and the Romanian-born Portuguese checked and called. On the J turn, both players check. Finally, on the 10♣ river, Seiji pushed his chips into the middle of the table. Miguel called with J♥9♠ and saw that his opponent had 7♠7♣.

The rest of the FT was perfect for Miguel, who four-bet to “Svinyachi doezd”. disuse. The European beat J♠J♦ 10♠10♣ and celebrated the start of the board with 4♥8♠4♣10♦10♥.

Shortly thereafter, in a blind battle, Seiji threw an open jab and was called by “Munchiez22”, who was behind with K♥J♣. Dominating with 10♠5♠, Seiji lost on the 5♣J♦2♥8♠4♣ board, falling to 6 BBS.

The next hand, Seiji went all out, slamming Q♥ “Munchiez22” Q♣. With 4♠4♦, the 9tales ace has no chance on the K♠9♥2♣6♦A board.

Rodrigo Seiji Completes FT in GGMasters High Rolle...

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  • This text seems to be describing a poker game during GGMillion$ week, where Brazilian player Rodrigo Seiji initially had a significant lead but eventually lost to Miguel Silva. The text provides details of specific hands and outcomes during the game.

  • This text provides a recap of a poker tournament where a Brazilian player, Rodrigo Seiji, had a strong start but ultimately lost. It highlights the key hands and outcomes during the final table, showcasing Miguel as the eventual winner.

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    This text is discussing a high stakes poker tournament where a Brazilian player, Seiji, had a significant chip lead but ultimately lost out to tough competition. Despite his strong start, Seiji’s bluff backfired and he ended up losing the tournament to a Romanian-born Portuguese player.

  • This text provides a detailed description of a poker tournament during GGMillion$ week, where a player from Brazil, Rodrigo Seiji, had a dominant lead but ultimately lost in a four-man match. The text highlights key hands and outcomes, showing how Seiji’s bluff backfired and led to his elimination.

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