The American artist creates a unique trophy for the WPT 2023 winner

The American artist creates a unique trophy for th...

Daniel Arsham is a famous American artist and sculptor who has completed works for Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton Created on commission. Now it’s time to work for a poker brand: WPT. The artist created unique trophies that will be awarded to the winners of each series in 2023.

“This may be the most creative partnership in WPT history. Daniel is an incredible artist whose work perfectly aligns with modern lifestyles. We are honored to feature these art to honor all 2023 WPT champions,” said WPT CEO Adam Pliska.

The first trophy has been awarded to last year’s WPT World Champion Eliot Hudon. The next owner of the Seminole and Joe Crow Series will be determined by the end of May. Fun fact: Player Bing Weng was the chip leader at both final tables.

Arsham looks at our culture through a telescope spanning millions of years, says co-artist Mark Quinn. It gives us a weird idea of ​​how others might view it a century from now. Well, this is a huge added incentive for players to win trophies in the WPT series.

The American artist creates a unique trophy for th...

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  • Dusty.rodriguez

    This text discusses the collaboration between artist Daniel Arsham and the World Poker Tour (WPT), where Arsham has created unique trophies for the winners of each series in 2023. The partnership is deemed creative and honors modern lifestyles, and the first trophy has already been awarded to the previous year’s WPT World Champion. Overall, the text portrays the collaboration as a significant motivation for players to strive for victory in the WPT series.

  • Melyssa.block

    This text highlights the renowned artist Daniel Arsham’s collaboration with the poker brand WPT, creating unique and artistic trophies for their winners in 2023. The partnership is considered creatively significant, and Arsham’s perspective on culture offers an intriguing outlook on how future generations might perceive it. This collaboration adds an exciting incentive for players to strive for victory in the WPT series.

  • I think the text highlights Daniel Arsham’s collaboration with WPT in creating unique trophies for winners. It also mentions the significance of Arsham’s work aligning with modern lifestyles and adds an interesting dynamic to the players’ motivation to win in the series.

  • I think it is exciting that Daniel Arsham is creating unique trophies for the WPT series, aligning with modern lifestyles. It adds a creative and prestigious element to the tournaments and gives players an additional incentive to win.

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