Vinícius Steves Wins WSOP Online Event 2 for $234,000

Vinícius Steves Wins WSOP Online Event 2 for $234,...

To win on the internet, you have to beat the Brazilians, and they can’t always stop the green and yellow. In the tiebreaker of Event 2: $300 Poker Gladiator Kickoff, Tunisia’s Maher Achour came close to winning, but Vinícius Steves turned heads to take home the coveted bracelet. The first prize was $234,707, while the runner-up added $173,241.

Vinícius advances to the FT with 28 BBS, the second shortest stack. Even more dire is the situation for bottom-placed Rodrigo Valente. As owner of 11 BBS, he had to act quickly, and the Rio player did just that. When he was dealt A♣J, he declared an all-in 3-bet and called with A♠5♠ along with Lavi Ahuja. The 2♥2♠2♦10♣9♦ board didn’t surprise the star of the team as he doubled up.

Meanwhile, Iago Savino had to win the flip to stay in the tournament. After announcing a 4-bet all-in with 23 BBS, he was called by CL Tyler Rosenlud. With KCheckBus taking on J♣J♠, the Never Standard partners celebrated the opening of the 3CheckK♣2♣9♠2♥ hand.

Rosenlud recovered quickly and knocked out Yiannis Liperis again to move to the top. On the same floor, Vinicius sent Zhu Zeqing home. In the tie with J♠J♥, he immediately called the Chinese player’s 12-bet all-in. Zhu dominated with 10 10 ♣ and couldn’t find any help on the 7♠6 ♦4♥4♣6♣ board.

Brazil’s next victim is Pawel Lukasiak. He defended his big hand with A♣J♠ and called a 3-bet all-in for 11 BBS. Iago called with A♥K♠ and looked at the 9 5 ♣Q 7 9 ♠ board to confirm his victory.

Iago’s timing was excellent, even avoiding a pair of aces. Another pre-flop all-in was Lavi Ahuja’s A♠A♣. With J♣8♣, Miner shares the pot with his opponent when the board comes 10♥Q♥7♥4♥K♥.

The chip lost in the tie was missed by Ahuja. Finally alone, he announced that he was all-in for 10 BBS. Rosenlud was the only one to call, showing A♥10♠. With A♣7♥, the Indian was not saved by a 6♦6♥2♠3CheckQ♣ hand.

Despite returning to the top of the leaderboard with five hands, Rosenlud took the win. Still on the reserved route. The Canadian started losing chips after an 8♠8♣ flip to Rodrigo’s Q♣10♣. Later, a bad hit brought the former CL down. When J ♦J♣ played against Achour’s A♥J♥, he saw his opponent hit a straight on the 3♥2♠K ♦4♣5 board and was reduced to 4 bbs.

In his farewell, he said: He had only 2 BBS when Rosenlud pushed the final chip into the middle of the table. Iago then called with K 6♣. With Q♥10♣, Rosenlud has no chance on board 8♣4♠5♣5♠A.

The pace of elimination continues at a rapid pace. In a blind war, Rodrigo risked his own stack of 13 BBS by calling Achours all-in. With A♠9♥ against 4♥4♣, the Brazilian had two pair on the A♣6♦9♠ flop, but he extended his lead at the top with one of the Achours Outs on the 4♠ turn.

In the fight for the CL, Vinícius overcame Jago with 37 BBS in the pot and was ready for heads-up. With A♠5♥, he called the preflop min-raise, as well as his compatriot’s bet on the flop of 8♣6♥4♠ and the A turn. Finally, on the J river, Iago pushed his 11-bet into the middle of the table. Vinícius repeated the check-call and saw Iago flop Q♠Q♣.

At the start of the heads-up, Achour only had 4 BBS more than Vinícius, but soon his opponent backed him to the wall. Vinicius then had to escape 10 outs on the river to give himself a fighting chance. With 4⁄4♥ against Achour’s Q♠10♠, he survived a 6♣J♥6♥9♠7♦ board to double up

After the game was nearly tied, Vinícius won a Huge dice take the lead. The tournament started with a small raise from Achour. Vinícius just called and the flop came 9\9♠3♣. Achour then c-bet 4,917,000 before Vinícius check-raised to 14,000,000. On round 3, Vinícius bet 21,000,000 and Achour thoughtfully called. The same goes for the story on the river. Faced with a stake of 49,000,000, it took several minutes for Achour to call. Vinicius beat him with A♠9♥ vs. 8♥3♥ for a 7-1 lead.

Akul only insisted on one more step. He called Vinicius’ opening K♥10♠ with 6♥5♥. The 4♦4♣2♠9♣8♠ board didn’t hit any of them and Vinícius took the title.

WSOP Online’s inaugural Millionaires Championship, Poker Gladiator opener, has $2,500,000 in prize money guaranteed after registration voids 9,488 entries. Check out how much each finalist has received:

1. Vinícius Steves (Brazil) $234,707

2. Maher Achour (Tunisia) $173,241

3. Iago Savino (Brazil) $127,975

4. Rodrigo Valente (Brazil) $94,541

5. Taylor Rosenrud (Canada) $69,849

6. Lavi Ahuja (India) $51,609

7. Pawel Lukasiak (Netherlands) $38,132

8. Zhu Zeqing (China) $28,181

9. Yiannis Liperis (Cyprus) US$ 20,830

Vinícius Steves Wins WSOP Online Event 2 for $234,...

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