“vivi sativAA” wins Supreme’s Battle HR

“vivi sativAA” wins Supreme’s Battle HR

The action at Suprema Poker is always in full swing. In a very busy round on Thursday, ‘vivi sativAA’ fielded 803 players to claim the R$250 Battle HR title and the MTT’s top prize. His victory earned him a total of R$23,066.

In the R$550 HighS competition, “isilduuuur1” was the one who called out the winner. The first of 123 entrants, he topped up with a balance of R$15,970.

Other results

OmaX HR for R$400 (154 entries)

1. Location – “Trumpz82” R$ 14,312

R$ 25 Plus (4,971 shares)

1. Ranking – “Galo” R$ 13,076

55 fights (1,266 contestants)

1. Location – “carolzitaa” R$ 9,021

“vivi sativAA” wins Supreme’s Battle HR

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  • This text appears to report on recent achievements and results from Suprema Poker’s tournaments. It highlights specific winners and their prizes earned. The inclusion of the players’ usernames and their winnings adds a personal touch to the report.

  • Reichel.matilda

    This text describes the recent successes and winnings of various players in Suprema Poker tournaments. It mentions the number of entrants, top prizes earned, and the locations of the winners. Overall, it showcases the active and competitive nature of the platform.

  • This text is reporting on recent wins and results from Suprema Poker, showcasing the competitiveness of the players and the potential prizes at stake. It highlights the skill and success of players at the poker tables.

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