WPT Global: Best Poker Club in Australia

Is WPT Global a room or a mobile app?

WPT Global is a room with complete Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android clients. Because the WPT offers a Club WPT app that offers points tournaments, freerolls, and Home Games, users are perplexed. WPT Global is totally free; Club WPT requires a $19.95 monthly subscription.

Is the poker room associated with the WTP?

Yes, the World Poker Tour (WPT) brand is common to both the room and the series. The World Poker Tour was established in May 2002. The WPT is televised and the series logo has even appeared in movies. The WPT now has its own poker room.

Accepts WPT Global cryptocurrency?

You can pick between BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, and USDT, yes. Luxon and card deposits are also possible. The payment method determines the limits.

Which game is offered by WPT Poker Australia?

The blinds and buy-ins in tournaments in dollars appear strange because the game is played in yuan. At the tables, there is no conversion to dollars; you must play in RMB. RMB is converted to dollars in the lobby. The format of the majority of the cash tables is 8-max.

NLHE with straddles in Kash

Micro: up to 0.5/1/2 (paddle = $0.30) – 8 to 10 tables at each limit.
Low: up to about 2/4/8 (paddle = $1.20) – 8 to 10 tables for each limit.
Medium: up to 50/100/200 (Paddle = $31). – 4 to 5 tables at each limit.
High: 200/400/800 (straddle = 124) – two tables.

Cash Shortdeck

A0.02 ($0.003) to A500 ($77.5) are the ranges. The most costly game was A 100 ($15.58) at the time of writing. At four to five tables, the primary game was played at micro and low limits.

Tables for cash with Bomb Pot

Every 12 minutes, at random, a bomb “drops” on the table: the preflop is bypassed, the flop is dealt right away, and each player is charged 8 BB. In both Hold’em and Shortdeck, the format for the majority of cash tables is Bomb Pot.

Cash tables featuring a jackpot

A winning Royal Flush hand will be worth 50% of the jackpot, a straight flush will be for 20%, and a rack will be worth 5%.

At cash tables, the rake ranges from 4% to 6%.

Starting with freerolls, an MTT. The $342.72 AIPT Main Event with a $779K guarantee is the priciest event in the lobby. Shortdeck, Hold’em, and Omaha (but no Omaha cache) tournaments.

Operate HUD and VPN?

No. HUD is not supported by Room. VPN gaming is prohibited.

Does WPT Global Australia offer a bonus on the first deposit?

100% of the first-time incentive, up to $1,200. Following a deposit, the bonus is automatically credited. A $5 wager is required for every $20 in rake (25 percent rakeback) toward the bonus. The betting window lasts 90 days.

Important: In order to deal with the room, you must successfully complete KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. The room will request proof of your identity, address, and mode of payment. At any moment, the security service maintains the right to request additional confirmation of these facts from you.

Does WTP Poker offer rake and rakeback?

On Micro Limits with stakes up to 0.5/1, the rake is 4% (without caps), while on all other limits, it is 3% (with caps 1-6BB). 100% bonus on your first deposit, up to $1,200. A wagering welcome bonus is given to the player automatically for their initial deposit of $20 or more. There is a 90-day wagering period. 25% rakeback means that payouts are $2.5 for every $10 in rake. New players may receive tournament tickets from the room.

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