Olívio Gontijo clicks by mistake on GGPoker and goes crazy

A click error resulted in 3 homologous folds, whil...

Click errors in poker are something that most poker players have encountered at least once. Depending on the situation, the frustration can be overwhelming and can destroy a professional’s concentration. That’s what happened to Olívio Gontijo this Sunday.

The “Bigfatfat” streamer ended up giving away three bets by mistake, and when he used GGPoker’s Rabbit Revealer, the pro was more frustrated than seeing him hit one. Jack block. The game took place while Olívio had several screens open.

Enter $54 on GGPoker Gold Hunter WSOP Super Circuit, with 15.8 big blind, opened with a small raise on the button and saw Israeli “orange78” defend the big blind. The flop comes and both players check.

The turn came with a 1 and Olivio made a 3-bet. The Israeli player bets 2.5 BBS in a 5.7 pot. The call seemed simple enough to Gontijo, but he lost focus for a few seconds and ended up hitting the hide button.

When he realized his mistake, he was horrified: “Oh no, no, no, no.” As the Hare revealed the cards on the board, Olivio faced the river , this card could have given him four cards of the same type, but he didn’t believe it: “It’s impossible if I didn’t live,” and it didn’t work. occur. I clicked the wrong button.

A click error resulted in 3 homologous folds, whil...

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  • This text highlights the common occurrence of click errors in poker and how they can be frustrating and impact a player’s concentration, as seen with Olívio Gontijo’s mistake during a game. It also emphasizes the importance of staying focused and avoiding distractions when playing poker professionally.

  • This text highlights the impact of click errors in poker, especially for professional players like Olívio Gontijo. The frustration and potential loss of concentration can be significant, as demonstrated by Gontijo’s mistake of hitting the hide button instead of making a call. It serves as a reminder of the importance of focus and attention to detail in poker.

  • It seems like the text is describing a specific poker incident where a professional player made a mistake and lost concentration due to a click error. The player’s frustration and reaction to the mistake are highlighted, showing how such errors can impact a player’s performance during a game.

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