Bruno Medalha wins WCOOP event #89-H

Bruno Medalha defeats Rafael Moraes in a grueling...

Brazil is a veritable machine when it comes to winning online series titles, and WCOOP 2023 is no exception. Another one-on-one showdown between Brazilian fighters was an example of this on Thursday (28th), when Bruno Medalha defeated his compatriot Rafael Moraes to become champion.

Medalha operates the “SOUFODAMS” account on PokerStars. Beat a field of 256 qualifiers in event #89-H, the $1,050 NLHE 7-Max, Turbo, PKO, Single Re-Enter. Bruno’s victory came with a generous prize of $52,244.

The pro blocked PokerStars pro Rafael Moraes, popularly known as “GM_VALTER,” who was livestreaming the entire final stage of the tournament to numerous viewers on his Twitch channel. The Ambassador of Brazil finished second and received $31,697. Rounding out the final table was Daniel Aziz “dani aziz” who was eliminated in fifth place for $13,379.

Bruno’s road to the final table was a true roller coaster ride. He was short stacked in the six-max game and ended up doubling up to 88 against regular player “kZhh”‘s AQ. He then defeated fellow AJ’s Daniel Aziz in one fell swoop with a QQ preflop push.

Rafael eliminated an opponent and Bruno took charge, the “Mastermandel” player placing third in another heat. – All-in 99 on the flop against KT. In that hand, Moraes had 88 points and, as he put it, he got away with it.

The heads-up match went in favor of “GM_VALTER”, who got off to a strong start by winning consecutive hands with a flush. But in the third hand, when the board showed 78A6, Bruno hit a straight 95 against Rafael’s two pairs of 76, bringing the game back to par.

Gradually, Bruno played another hand against Moraes, destroying his compatriot’s chips once and for all. In the final hand, his AK defeated “GM_VALTER’s” 88 for two pair on 527KA, earning another second place finish at the WCOOP for the PokerStars Pro Team.

Bruno Medalha defeats Rafael Moraes in a grueling...

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  • Shields.jayce

    This text describes Bruno Medalha’s victory in the WCOOP 2023 online series, where he defeated Rafael Moraes in a one-on-one showdown. It highlights Bruno’s roller coaster journey to the final table and his ultimate win, earning him a prize of $52,244.

  • Hagenes.misty

    This text highlights Brazil’s dominance in online poker series, specifically the WCOOP 2023, where Bruno Medalha emerged as champion by defeating his compatriot Rafael Moraes. Medalha’s victory came with a prize of $52,244, while Moraes secured the second spot and $31,697.

  • Bradford.romaguera

    It highlights the dominance of Brazilian players in online poker tournaments, with Bruno Medalha emerging as the champion of WCOOP 2023. His victory over Rafael Moraes in the final heads-up battle was a rollercoaster ride, culminating in a dramatic win with AK against 88.

  • I think the text highlights the success of Brazilian players in online poker tournaments, specifically WCOOP 2023. It describes Bruno Medalha’s impressive victory over his compatriot Rafael Moraes in a thrilling heads-up match. This victory earned Bruno a generous prize and showcased his skills in high-stakes poker.

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