Fernando Nogami takes the podium in Event 30 of the WSOP Online event for $110,000

Fernando Nogami takes the podium in Event 30 of th...

Fernando Nogami had a great warm-up to the main weekend of the season. When he visited GGPoker, he was close to winning his first career gold bracelet. After three players were eliminated in Event 30: $2,100 No-Limit Hold’em Bounty 6-Handed, the man from Paraná won $110,963.

After a good start on the final day, Fernando took the lead heading into the final. All-in preflop, he faced a pair of aces from Andrii Derzhypilskiy and ended up losing 37 BBS. On the next hand, the Ukrainian played Q Г Q ♥ and pushed his chips to the middle. Chris Klodnicki then called with even fewer chips, showing 9 9♣. 4♣K♣4♦A♠7♠ The board didn’t save the American and he was eliminated in seventh place.

The next victim of this decision was Frenchman Ahmed Ibrahimi. Falling far behind his opponent, he lost a 5♠5♣ flip to Fernando’s K♣9♣.

At the same level, Portuguese Miguel Gomes Silva found 8 8♠ and converted with Enrique Rodríguez Pre-raise Cabanilas stacks his cards in the middle of the table. With K♠K♥, the Spaniard was not surprised by the 2♣9♥6♠4♠2♠ board and grabbed the pot.

Cabanillas quickly took the lead. With Q♣Q♥, he risked 40 bets to call a 4-bet all-in from Arsenii Malinov, who had slightly more chips and held A♥K. A board of 10♥8♥5♦J♥8♣ hit no one, leaving the Russian with less than the big blind in chips.

Despite Malinov’s difficulties, he was quickly eliminated. In another match against Cabaniras, he lost to A ♠ 8 ♠ with K♠J ♠.

The British “Financial Times” continued to report on this incident. On the second of three hands, Derzhypilskiy doubled up and left Fernando breathless. Here’s what happened:

The blinds were 150,000/300,000, the ante was 35,000, Derzhypilskiy went all-in and Fernando just checked. The flop came 10♥Q♣J♥ and Derzhypilskiy check-called 600,000. On Round 2, Fernando bet 2,245,501 and Derzhypilskiy repeatedly checked and called. Finally, on the river 2♥ and his opponent checked, Fernando went all-in for 10,505,912 chips. Derzhypilskiy Instacall showed A♥4♥ flush. Fernando dominated with K♠9♦ and now has 2,491,068 in chips.

Fernando then called and saw Derzhypilskiy call with 10♣4♣. Fernando, the owner of K♠10♦, had no chance of making it to the 5♣Q♣JCheckJ♣3♣ table.

Fernando Nogami takes the podium in Event 30 of th...

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  • This text seems to be a report on a poker tournament where Fernando Nogami had a strong performance but ultimately lost to Andrii Derzhypilskiy with a lower hand. It provides details about the hands played and the elimination of other players.

  • This text provides a detailed account of Fernando Nogami’s performance in the GGPoker event, highlighting his near victory and eventual losses to opponents with stronger hands. It emphasizes the key hands and eliminations that occurred throughout the tournament.

  • The text describes Fernando Nogami’s success at GGPoker, where he came close to winning a gold bracelet but ultimately lost to Andrii Derzhypilskiy. Despite some setbacks, Fernando showed strong gameplay and determination throughout the tournament.

  • This text describes Fernando Nogami’s successful run in a poker tournament, where he came close to winning his first career gold bracelet. Despite facing tough competition, he showed strong gameplay and skill throughout the event.

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