Haxton leads Super High Roller Bowl finalists

Haxton leads Super High Roller Bowl finalists

Super High Roller Bowl

There will be a new king. Without defending champion Daniel Negreanu, the eighth edition of the $300,000 buy-in tournament will be confirmed this Saturday, currently Ike Haxton A great candidate to win a championship ring and$2.7 million for the winner.

After a great second day at thePokerGO Studio at ARIA Resort & Half of the stack and be the only player with a seven-figure stack.

Chris Brewer (845,000), Jason Kong (700,000), Stephen Chidwick (635,000), Bryn Kenney (445,000) and Andrew Lichtenberger (370,000) are the other two returning contestants for the third and final day of action.

Haxton, who always wears a mask, is the front-runner for the eighth Super High Roller Bowl.

Only the top four will share in the $6,000,000 jackpot generated from 20 gamesRegistration entries, so the cash bubble, which includes $600,000 in “mini” cash, will soon burst . The winner will receive $2,760,000 – plus 550 PGT points – the runner-up will receive $1,680,000 and the third runner-up will receive $960,000

Day two started with 12 players, and within the first five hours, Kristen Foxen, Justin Bonomo, Cary Katz andPaul Jager were eliminated before the remaining eight players gathered at a table.

Back then, Negreanu had the shortest stack and no lang to bid him farewell one last time: when he beat Haxton’s A-4 with A-Q and flopped a 4 to drop him to eighth place. Just did it.

That’s it @RealKidPoker will not have any Defender titles in the Super High Roller Bowl.

Negreanu found a golden opportunity against @ikepoker, but four points post-flop dashed any hopes of it being Negreanu’s title defense.

📺 – Watch live here: https://t.co/hrTOfiEBAe pic.twitter.com/PuGgx7DgyZ

— PokerGO (@PokerGO) 30. September 2023

The game continued in 7-hand format until last year’s runner-up Nick Petrangelo left with an all-in king against Chidwick’s ace king, who found an ace on the turn , leaving the man who started the day ranked seventh.

Ace from space puts Nick Petrangelo into orbit for the Super High Roller Bowl Eight.

After holding the chip lead for much of the day, Petrangelo was eliminated by Stephen Chidwick.

The game continues with only six players remaining.

📺 – Watch live here: https://t.co/hrTOfiEBAe pic.twitter.com/kWPU7smLNA

— PokerGO (@PokerGO) September 30, 2023

The final table has ended, and the players have formed teams to meet again this Saturday at 12 noon Las Vegas time. The game will be played in Level 13 with blinds of 15,000/25,000. The big blind is 25,000 and minutes are increased every 75. The button displays Lichtenberger.

Super High Roller Bowl 8

Buy-in: $300,000Number of Entries: 20Pot: 6,000 . 000Blinds:Level 13 (15K/25K; Big Blind 25K)Average Chip Size:1,000,000 ChipsNext money:4, 600,000 US dollars

Final Table


1 Isaac Haxton US 3,005,000 2 Chris Brewer US 845,000 3 Stephen Chidwick UK 635,000 4 Andrew Lichtenberger US 370,000 5 Bryn Kenney US 445,000 6 Jason Koon US 700,000 Paytable 1° 2,760,000 USD2. USD 1,680,0003. US$960,0004. $600,000

The eighth Super High Roller Bowl winner’s ring and prize.

Haxton leads Super High Roller Bowl finalists

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  • This text discusses the upcoming Super High Roller Bowl tournament and highlights Ike Haxton as a potential winner. It also mentions that Haxton is currently leading the tournament with a seven-figure stack.

  • This text provides information about the upcoming Super High Roller Bowl tournament, mentioning that defending champion Daniel Negreanu will not be participating. It also highlights Ike Haxton as a strong contender for the championship.

  • I think the text is providing an update on the Super High Roller Bowl tournament and highlighting Ike Haxton as a strong contender for the championship. It mentions that Haxton is currently leading with a seven-figure stack, positioning him well to potentially win the $2.7 million prize.

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