Jules Marie’s Expresso Millionaire win on Winamax cost nearly €100,000 per hand

Jules Marie's Expresso Millionaire win on Winamax...

On the 14thMillionaire Express 2024 will be held at Winamax (April 2nd), which is the same as the previous one Completely opposite. From the most competitive round lasting 58 hands, we were down to a modest 9 hands.

It helps that the jackpot jumps to Expresso Nitro, in this case it is €10 and in fact it is a €5 and €10 bet for getting the last nine golden mats The table has bonus wheel preferences set.

Jules Marie, Joogoku and -papanoel- had little time to calibrate their rivals. In the second hand, Jules Marie flopped a straight flush and took Joogoku’s chips(3rd place, €80,000) strong>, his hand improved from top pair to two rivers<. /p>

The heads-up matchup was more competitive, but after winning the flip to even the competition, -papanoel – (2nd place, €120,000) was left trying to steal J9 vs. Jules Maries A7(1st place, €800,000).

Jules Marie's Expresso Millionaire win on Winamax...

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  • This text is discussing a poker tournament called the Millionaire Express 2024, which had a very competitive final round with a big jackpot. Jules Marie ultimately won first place with a straight flush, earning €800,000.

  • The text describes a high-stakes poker tournament where players compete for a large cash prize. The competition was intense, with players making bold moves and strategic plays to secure their place at the final table. Ultimately, Jules Marie emerged as the winner, taking home a substantial €800,000 prize.

  • This text provides a detailed account of a high-stakes poker tournament where players compete for significant cash prizes. The narrative highlights key moments of tension and excitement as players navigate through the rounds and ultimately battle it out for the top prize.

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