Rafael Moraes Cup: Sunday’s highlight

The final Sunday of the fourth edition of the Rafa...

After nearly a month of exciting poker action and thousands of dollars in PokerStars prizes, the fourth edition of the Rafa Moraes Cup is coming to an end. Best of all, there’s nothing like the main event. The Main Event takes place this Sunday (01) at 4:00pm with a buy-in of $5.50, with additional tickets worth $1000 and the winner receiving a Brazilian Grand Prix Experience package. 

“No matter what.” The series is always a major goal for poker players. It’s not just about the money, it’s about the feeling of success, the competition, the feeling of competing for the main event of the series. I feel like the players feel the same way about the Rafa Moraes Cup. We managed to organize the event in a really cool way, making it very playable with an affordable buy-in and 15-minute blinds. Not to mention the additional prize pool that players will walk away with. “The champions will have an incredible three days at the Brazilian Grand Prix in November. It will be a great party,” said Rafael Moraes, creator of the online series and PokerStars Team Pro. 

Another point that should attract more players to the main event is the fact that it is a tournament that guarantees top points on the event leaderboard. A good performance on Sunday can bring players closer to a good spot on the stage and allow them to dream of the prizes reserved for first place, such as a spot on the 4bet Poker team and tickets to the all-important PokerStars tournament. 

 If your buy-in of $5.50 is still not possible, players have a chance to participate in the tournament. There will be a free satellite tournament at 9:00 pm on Thursday (28th), with 150 seats guaranteed; and on Saturday (31st), the day before the main event, there will be a free tournament at 4:00 pm for Game warm-ups also secure the funds needed to participate. 

“Freerolls can be a player’s first step towards historic success. So even if you don’t play in a tournament, it’s worth it to enter, play in tournaments, and work towards getting a spot and a spot in the main event.” “Put your hands in Pocket. When it happens, the story gets better and we hit the jackpot on Sunday,” joked Rafa Moraes. 

Mini Main Event

Two hours after the main event starts on Sunday, at 6pm, the Mini Main Event will be held at the Rafa Moraes Cup . The tournament has a buy-in of $0.55 and an additional prize pool of $500. 

How to participate

To participate in this and other Rafa tournaments in the Moraes Cup tournament, players must be on the series’ official website Register and attend Nosso Boteco, the largest home race in the world. 

Freerolls still require players to register a password. The code will be available in the Discord community 2 hours before the contest starts.

The final Sunday of the fourth edition of the Rafa...

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  • Romaguera.kara

    The text describes the conclusion of the fourth edition of the Rafa Moraes Cup, with a main event taking place with a buy-in of $5.50 and additional prizes including a Brazilian Grand Prix Experience package. There are also opportunities for players to participate in free satellite tournaments to earn a spot in the main event.

  • Pfeffer.yasmin

    The text provides information about the upcoming final event of the fourth edition of the Rafa Moraes Cup poker tournament, including the buy-in price, additional prizes, and the opportunity to participate in freeroll satellite tournaments. It also highlights the excitement and success that players strive for in participating in the series.

  • Bechtelar.consuelo

    This text is promoting the final events of the Rafa Moraes Cup poker tournament, with exciting prizes and experiences for participants. It emphasizes the competitiveness and excitement of the main event, as well as offering opportunities for players to participate through freeroll tournaments.

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