The strange story of the day Negreanu received the pizza

The strange story of the day Negreanu received the...

February 9th is World Pizza Day this year, and you might be wondering if this delicious treat has something to do with poker. But the answer is like pineapple on dough: they shouldn’t be together. However, in this special edition of Freak Fridays, we bring you anecdotes about poker, pizza and… Daniel Negreanu.

It was the 2019 PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) debut in the Bahamas, and Negreanu, who was still part of the Red and Spades Pro Team at the time, told the tournament’s The same organization confirmed this, with the $25,000 tournament already becoming the largest entry-value meeting in the event’s history.

How did he know about this before anyone else, even official informants? ? The answer is a mystery. However, the social media team decided to surprise Negreanu with their message and offered him a position on the communications team and a slice of pizza, which KidPoker did not refuse and even ordered a vegan pizza.

@realkidpoker knew this before we did, which means we either need to hire him or step up our game. Daniel, is there any chance we can treat you to a slice of pizza and some timely encouragement? This is what we work for. But man… what a game this is going to be.

— PokerStars Blog (@PokerStarsBlog) January 6, 2019

A few hours later, Negreanu received his pizza and was eating He took advantage of the opportunity to let the world know that this wasn’t the first time PokerStars had given him pizza. “The first time was 10 years ago when I played US$100/$200 Limit Hold’em!”. Why celebrate Pizza Day? Daniel Negreanu

February 9 is World Pizza Day

Pizza is one of the most consumed foods in the world and is loved by everyone because of the variety of ingredients it can be paired with.

In 2017, pizza was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO due to its role in social life and the intergenerational transmission of this culinary art. The word pizza is derived from the Greek word pēktos, meaning solid or congealed.

Is it great to get Ist pineapple pizza?

Adopted at the June 17 meeting of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of Heritage, Jeju Island (South Korea), 2016, supported by a global petition with more than 2 million signatures.

The strange story of the day Negreanu received the...

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  • This text is a fun and quirky celebration of World Pizza Day, featuring poker player Daniel Negreanu’s love for pizza. It also includes interesting facts about the cultural significance of pizza and its UNESCO recognition. The playful tone and unique story make for an engaging read.

  • Arnulfo.stokes

    This text discusses World Pizza Day and its connection to poker player Daniel Negreanu. It reveals an anecdote about Negreanu receiving pizza from PokerStars and also touches on the cultural significance of pizza as declared by UNESCO. It is an interesting and informative read for fans of both pizza and poker.

  • The text discusses World Pizza Day and Daniel Negreanu’s connection to poker and pizza. It highlights how pizza is enjoyed worldwide and was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2017. The story adds an interesting element to the celebration of Pizza Day.

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